• 85mm (Pigalle, Simple, etc) $725
  • 100mm-120mm (Pigalle, Fifi, etc) $800
  • 100mm-120mmVery Prive or Hyper Prive $900
  • 120mm Slingback $850
  • 130mm equivalent $950
  • Bianca, Banana (or 140mm equivalent) $1100
  • Lady Peep (or 150mm equivalent) $1,200
  • Daffodil or 160mm equivalent $1,400
  • Flats $700+
  • Heels Only $250 and up (based on height)
  • Heels and Platforms $400 and up (based on height)
  • Wedges please email a photo for pricing
  • Booties please email a photo for pricing
  • Men’s shoe please email a photo for pricing
  • Painting and prepping +$30
  • Painting and prepping Patent Leather +$50
  • Red Vibram Sole added by my Cobbler +$50
  • Heel Tips added by my cobbler +$10


  • Clear crystal is included in price.
  • Plain colors are an additional $50.
  • Crystal AB is an additional $100 ($150 for 140mm and up).
  • Special Coating, all other AB coated, and Effect Stones are an additional $200 ($300 for 140mm and up).


I can recreate a Pigalili or Very Mix, or create something completely new. Pricing below includes any regular, AB, or effect stone, and includes lining the interior with Mole Skin to conceal the screw backs, if necessary.

  • Pigalili (120mm or equivalent) $1250
  • Very Mix (150mm or equivalent) $1500
  • Daffodil (160mm or equivalent) $1850

*Prices based on average size shoe.If you’re a size 40, 41, or 42, please add $150. Men’s shoes please inquire via email.

**These prices are based on Louboutin cuts and silhouettes. If submitting a different designer or non-designer shoe for strassing, there may be an upcharge for additional surface area to cover.


Chanel bag and wallet strassing prices are determined by the style/year of the bag, the dimensions, and which color stone you choose. Most bags will need to be painted and prepped beforehand as well, which is included in the base price. The pricing below is a general guideline but prices can vary. I WILL NOT strass patent leather bags under any circumstances!

  • Mini $1600
  • Small $1900
  • Medium $ 2300
  • Medium Travel Ligne $2650
  • Jumbo $4400
  • Maxi $4700
  • Wallets are based on size. Please email a photo for estimate.


  • Clear crystal is included in price.
  • Plain colors are an additional $100 ($200 for Jumbo and Maxi)
  • Crystal AB is an additional $225 ($400 for Jumbo and Maxi)
  • Special Coating, all other AB coated, Shimmer Coatings, and Effects stones are an additional $400 ($600 for Jumbo and Maxi).


I only work on authentic brands. In addition, I only buy, strass, and resell authentic brands. I recommend, if you aren’t well versed in designer brands, to research and have something authenticated BEFORE purchase. The Purse Forum provides this service for free, if you post in the proper thread.  There are absolutely NO RETURNS on any shoe, bag or accessory purchased from my site, or from me by a third party site.


* Return Priority 2-3 Day Shipping $60. This includes delivery confirmation, tracking, and insurance for value of shoes and strassing service. I am not responsible for the package once it leaves my possession.

**Note to NEW YORK RESIDENTS…as of Jan 1, 2012 I am lawfully REQUIRED to charge NYS sales tax of 8.875% to EVERY order placed by a New York resident.

* I will ship Internationally, please inquire about shipping costs to your specific destination.

**Completion dates are estimated, depending on my current commission schedule and workload. I strass my commissions based on the order they were received and paid in FULL.

*Please note that Shimmer Coatings are only available in sizes 12ss, 16ss, and 20ss for strassing.

Swarovski Shimmer Coatings only available in sizes 12, 16, and 20s

Red Soles Reborn

I am a single mom who loves all things fashion; shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, etc. You name it, I love it.  I especially have an obsession with all things sparkly. In 2011, I gave strassing a try after dying over a pair of strassed Louboutins, but dying even more when I saw the $3300 price tag. Once I strassed my first pair, I was hooked and decided to make a business of it. Now, over 5 years later, I have a very extensive portfolio, hundreds of clients from all over the globe, and many, many new friends as a result. I take my job as a business owner very seriously, while maintaining a fun, bubbly vibe, and I always ensure my clients satisfaction, which, I believe, is why many of my clients become my friends. I've worked for many brides whose weddings I've actually attended, and many of those brides have commissioned me for baby shoes for their daughters once they've had children. I love to have fun with what I do, create new things, and I really feel that what I do is an art. But most of all, I enjoy making my clients happy. Hearing how ecstatic they are once they open that box is truly what it's all about. I love what I do, and I'm extremely grateful for my loyal clients, who've allowed me to transform a hobby into a thriving business in which I get to create pieces that I love every single day.